Screenshot of Fitcar™  Fleet GPS software
Shell FitCar™ Fleet screenshot showing GPS software functionality

Solution Components

  1. GPS Hardware (OBD Device)
  2. Customer Web Portal
  3. OEM Service recommendations, service data and invoice integration
Screenshot of Fitcar™ Fleet vehicle maintenance
Shell FitCar™ Fleet screenshot of vehicle maintenance functionality

Simplify Managing your Vehicles


  • View your vehicles on an interactive map & pinpoint location details
  • Create customized Geofence boundaries & alerts

Maintenance & Diagnostics

  • Get automated service records from selected providers
  • Receive service maintenance alerts and reminders on Battery level & other upcoming needs
  • Understand active diagnostic trouble codes & what to do
  • Check fuel status*

*Note: Fuel information is dependent on the vehicle make and model as not all vehicle makes/models are able to report fuel information


Screenshot of Fitcar™ Fleet driving behavior
Shell FitCar™ Fleet screenshot of driving behavior functionality

Monitor drivier behavior

Set & receive alerts on

  •     Speeding
  •     Harsh braking
  •     Rapid acceleration

Because your vehicles and drivers represent your brand.

Screenshot of Fitcar™ Fleet reports
Shell FitCar™ Fleet screenshot of reporting functionality

Reports make managing multiple locations and vehicles a breeze.

(Aggregated based on vehicle, fleet, group, store and region)

  • Identify vehicle movement any time of day
  • See idle and stop times
  • Track trip distance and duration
  • Visualize key stas such as performance indicator trends on vehicle mileage, run hours, driver score, fuel usage and fuel refills

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