Personal features

Drive safely

  • Gain insight in to family members’ driving behavior
  • View tips for safer driving.

Simplify vehicle management

Unlock what your car knows™ to keep it road worthy and operating at peak performance

Diagnostics demystified

  • End dashboard confusion with clear explanations of alerts and codes and what to do about their cause.

Maintenance Reminders

  • Get early warning alerts for low battery and upcoming maintenance.

Track service completed & key documents

  • Record & store work completed.
  • Maintain insurance, registration & license docs in your digital glove box.

Access trip details

  • View mileage & fuel expense estimates.
  • Tag business trips for expensing.
  • Review driving behavior.

Save time & money

Track daily driving trips and fuel efficiency data

  • View fuel expense estimates by trip
  • Read tips on how to improve mileage*
  • Tag trips you make for business

*Note: Fuel information is dependent on the vehicle make and model as not all vehicle makes/models are able to report fuel information.


  • Save on services you need from your local provider with in-app coupons.


Remote Emissions Testing (Oregon only):

  • Skip the wait and run your DEQ approved emissions test right from your phone with Shell Fitcar™.
Fitcar™ OBD

Connect your car and phone with Shell Fitcar™ , using this small device.

Be on your way in minutes. ​


Unlock what your car knows™.