With Shell Fitcar™, the information you need to help manage your vehicle is right at the palm of your hand.

Increase utilization

  • View your vehicles on an interactive map & pinpoint location details
  • Create specific geographic boundaries and receive violation alerts
  • Identify vehicle movements any time of day

Simplify Vehicle Maintenance

  • Get automated service records from selected providers
  • Get notifications when you are due or past due for service
  • Understand active diagnostic trouble codes & what to do
  • Check fuel status* and the health of your battery

*Note: Fuel information is dependent on the vehicle make and model as not all vehicle makes/models are able to report fuel information

Drive Safely for Less

Because your vehicles and drivers represent your brand, set & receive alerts on

  • Speeding
  • Harsh braking
  • Rapid acceleration
  • Unsafe driving


  • Monitor vehicle idling leading to extra fuel consumption
  • Record trips and monitor trends on vehicle mileage, run hours, driver score, and fuel usage